Robbery Arrest

Thirty-seven-year-old Lawrence D. Hudson of Tallahassee is in police custody charged in connection with a string of robberies dating back to August of 2002.

Since that time there have been a number of cases where a suspect would enter a business and imply he had a gun, but never show one. Police say Hudson would get the money from the clerks of these various businesses and then flee on foot. It was believed, however, he had a vehicle nearby. None of the clerks were injured in any of the robberies.

After an investigation, police found out the suspect was living on Slash Pine Road in Tallahassee. Police went to the residence and he was arrested without incident. Hudson was taken to police headquarters where he confessed to seven different robberies.

Tallahassee police say the robberies were at the following locations:

  • August 2002, Harvey's Supermarket, 2526 S. Monroe
  • January 2003, Harvey's Supermarket, 2526 S. Monroe
  • January 2003, Dollar General Store, 1932 W. Tennessee
  • February 2003, Walgreen's Drugs, 100 E. Magnolia Drive
  • February 2003, Eckerd Drugs, 1300 Apalachee Pkwy.
  • February 2003, Motel 6, 1027 Apalachee Pkwy.
  • February 2003, Half Time Kegs, 1949 W. Tennessee