Trial Begins Wednesday for Man Accused of Ramming Local Mosque

The man accused of ramming his truck into a Tallahassee mosque will go on trial tomorrow. Tuesday, attorneys chose jurors in the case, most of whom admitted to hearing about the case on TV or reading about it in the paper.

Charles Franklin was arrested last march and accused of intentionally crashing his truck into the Tallahassee Islamic Center. Attorneys chose a five-man, nine-woman jury to hear the case; of course two of those are alternates.

When the judge asked prospective jurors if they had seen any media coverage of the crime, almost all said yes.

When asked if that would affect their ability to be fair in this trial. Only one woman said yes. She was not chosen to sit on the jury.

We want to point out that cameras are not allowed in federal courtrooms, I was there today taking notes. And will continue to monitor the testimony for you. But please realize that's why you won't be able to see the pictures or hear the testimony for yourself.