Georgia Flag Controversy

Voters in the peach state were demanding a referendum on Georgia’s state flag, and now they're getting it.

Perdue's new proposal is one that's drawing mixed reaction from local residents and lawmakers.

Flag pride of every kind is sported in storefronts across the Rose City. But David Weaver says if Georgia residents make the decision to change the flag that currently flies high over Georgia’s capitol, sporting any new symbol won't come without some hesitation.

But whether it's right or wrong, isn't the issue at hand anymore, but rather-what kind of flag will reign in the peach state. With governor Perdue's new proposed referendum, Georgians would be asked to make that decision in a form of two questions:

1. Do like they like the current state flag?
2. If not, which flag do they prefer?

South Georgia resident Allyson Bush says she really has no preference.

Perdue's proposal has Georgians making a final flag say, on a ballot in March of 2004.

Until then, this flag will fly high. Many Georgia residents say the confederate emblem is a symbol of oppression and slavery while others believe the symbol honors their heritage and ancestors who died under its shadow.