Academy Annex in Midway

The Tallahassee Community College Pat Thomas Law Enforcement Academy is located on a sprawling 1,200 acre site in Gadsden County.

Academy officials now want to annex the property into the city of Midway.

Jim Murdaugh, TCC Vice President, says, "We've been in Gadsden County for 30 years and we've enjoyed our relationship with the county. As the county has grown the city has grown. We frankly feel a closeness to the city of Midway."

Gadsden County commissioners attended a packed meeting Thursday night to express their uneasiness about the move.

Ed Dixon, County Commissioner, says, "By annexing Pat Thomas Law Enforcement Academy it allows the parcels around it to become available to be annexed into the city of Midway, and that's really our big concern."

Dixon says the city of Midway does not have adequate infrastructure in place and that's hindering growth, but TCC officials say there are other factors impacting their decision.

"Pat Thomas Academy officials say their address is listed as Havana, and often times officers who come here for training get lost, and having a Midway address will alleviate the problem.”

But for now TCC will have to wait for the next Midway city meeting to see if that move will take place. Midway officials have agreed to put their decision on hold until they can look into the situation.