Construction Hurting Local Businesses

Tallahassee are falling into the red the reason. Road construction is restricting access a problem impacting local cafe's, bakeries and even law offices.

Magnolia Drive, where construction has business owners feeling the pain of progress right here lies the problem there's virtually no access to these businesses on the right, let alone, no parking. These factors have caused much pain to local business owners, who say they're struggling to stay afloat.

It's lunchtime and Nezha's Sub Shop is nearly empty. In just five weeks, Al Hutton says his sales have been cut in half. The reason, is at his front door

It's this widening of Miccosukee Road near Magnolia drive that has these small business owners pinching pennies to get by.

And road crews say it could last another four to six weeks. Meanwhile, county officials say they're trying to ease some of the pain.

But judging by the looks of things, patrons may forego the efforts, leaving these businesses crying for attention.

Leon County public works spent time this afternoon at this location, making sure people can get into these businesses. Although it may look challenging, there is enough room for pedestrians to get in and out.

The Huttons told me that one law office already got set up, packed its bags and moved out. As for these other business owners, they say they plan on just riding through the hard times.