Fantasia Concert Lawsuit Filed

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A three day Labor Day weekend of festivities ended with former American Idol star Fantasia's appearance in Quincy.

But it was just the beginning of a dispute over ticket sales for the event.

Promoter David Hall is filing a lawsuit requesting the city provide information about ticket sales.

It comes after Hall's attorney demanded the same information in a letter to Quincy City Manager Jack McLean.

"In a 48 hour, 72 hour period, we extended ourselves to make sure we could produce the information we gave to him," said McLean. "We think it's complete," he said.

McLean gave Eyewitness News copies of some 300 pages of documents he also sent to Hall's attorney.

As we previously reported, Hall claims there may have been counterfeit tickets printed by the city in an effort to shortchange him.

He also said he had no information about tickets sold on line or e-tickets.

In the documents sent to Hall, the city shows just 28 e-tickets sold.

And after expenses, the city cleared just $14.75.

"We stand on the validity of that information and the correctness of that information," said McLean.

Altogether, the city's documents show a collection of about $13,700 in ticket money for the Fantasia concert.

McLean says that amount doesn't include money Hall collected on his own at other ticket outlets.

"This city's not hiding anything," said McLean. "We're transparent and frankly, the more things get intense, the more transparent we become," he said.

Hall declined our request for an on camera interview because the suit hadn't been served to the city yet.

He did tell us Fantasia was paid for her performance.

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