Wear Red Day

You may have noticed a lot of women wearing red to work, and it's all designed to hammer home an important point that heart disease isn't just for overweight middle-aged men. It's the number one killer of women of all shapes, sizes and colors.

The heart fluttering fashions are designed to catch your eye and what National Wear Red Day is all about too: getting women to open their eyes to the fact heart disease is the number one killer of women over 25.

Linda Barrington Gilley, who received heart transplant, says, "Making sure everyone is ware of how quickly their life can change."

Linda Barrington Gilley knows that as well as anyone. She had a heart attack one day at work and spent the next six months waiting for a heart transplant.

Linda says until then she was, "Perfectly healthy, never smoked, never drank, none of that good stuff (laughs)."

Some of these stats might make your heart skip a beat. One in four women in the United States has cardiovascular disease, and the vast majority of women who died from heart attacks, some 64 percent, had no prior symptoms.

Dr. Marilyn Cox, a cardiologist, says, "What's happened in the past is women don't think they're at risk for heart disease, so when they have symptoms that a physician might think are heart disease, they ignore them or wait too long."

So while the models may be making a fashion statement, a room full of women in red is trying to make a lifesaving one.