Lights On, Lights Off

The lights are still out on the entire island of St. George. Franklin County Emergency Management says Progress Energy has been diligently working to restore power.

Barb Zastrow, renting on St. George Island, says, "It was just like a major thunder- rainstorm. We were inside. We just didn't think it was that bad, and then all of a sudden, the power went out."

A day later, a power outage still covers St. George Island. Emergency Management says it's a casualty of Thursday's storm or water spout.

Butch Baker, Director of Franklin County Emergency Management, says, "It's just a big wet tornado went through. I looked at the power poles going across the bay and seven power poles have been destroyed. They are broken off and in the water."

Clifford Creason, renting on St. George Island, says, “I was surprised. I've been coming down here for approximately 15 years. This is the worst storm I've seen for that month of February since I've been coming down here."

Dark inside their homes and foggy outside, St. George Islanders find ways to pass the time.

Barb says, "We watched a video on our portable DVD player by candlelight last night, so we survived."

A few chose time on the beach. Many say the only thing they can do is just wait it out.

Clifford says, "We can live with it. It's an act of God; we can't control it."

Emergency Management says three 1.8 megawatt generators were delivered to the island to restore power until the power lines are permanently replaced.

Power is expected sometime Friday evening. They expect power lines restored in three to five days. Generators will stay on no matter how long it takes.