More Moody AFB Deployments

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Before the sun rose, members of the 347th Security Force Squadron said their good byes. Members of the squadron are heading to Texas for additional training before they're sent to Iraq.

MAJ Scott Spiers said, "The folks are ready. We practice everyday here so that when they go over to Iraq we can use those same skills."

SSGT Christopher Jackson added, "They give us all the training that we need to go forth and do the job."

SGT Christopher Jackson is confident that he and other members of the squadron are prepared for their mission. While in Iraq they will be securing the prisons where detainees are held. Jackson says being away from his family will no doubt be the hardest part.

Jackson says, "I'm ready to go; the sooner you get it started the sooner you get it over with."

A lot has been said about how U.S. troops are being received in Iraq, but the airmen and women say they know some Iraqis will be glad to see them.

Spiers says, "You hear a lot about that bad side, but you have to remember there are a lot, a lot of folk that want us over there."

The plan is for these men and women to be home in eight months. Once the 347th Squadron arrives in Iraq, others who are already there will be sent home.