"Souper" Bowl of Caring

Super Bowl Sunday is taking on a whole new meaning. Local churches are pitching the football and picking up a soup pot.

You won't find a football at this Super Bowl because it's the “souper bowl” of caring. It's an annual tradition to raise money to help the less fortunate.

Elizabeth Neeley, a church administrator at Piedmont Park Alliance Church, says, "I think the Super Bowl, everybody knows the football side of it. There's a lot of money that goes into the Super Bowl, the football, the advertisement. But the "souper bowl," in terms of feeding those who are less fortunate, is an ideal way to have money to go to help people."

Fanne Smith from Calvary United Methodist Church says, "ECHO never has enough money, and someone two or three years ago thought if we had a collection on Super Bowl Sunday, sort of soup bowl idea, to raise money."

The way it works is on Super Bowl Sunday some area churches take up an extra collection in a soup pot. Money raised will go to the Emergency Care Help Organization, providing meals for the less fortunate in Tallahassee.

Chris Conrad from Piedmont Park Alliance Church says, "I think it's wonderful to be involved in something that supports a cause like ECHO, and they're so many people less fortunate all over the world."

With a little spare change and a lot of love, ECHO is getting the boost it needs to continue in the fight against hunger.

The “souper bowl” of caring has been collecting money from around the nation since 1993, raising an estimated $28 million.