Party Preps for Super Bowl Game

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Brian Fernandes was setting out early putting in his order for Zaxby's chicken strips to have for the Super Bowl party he's going to later.

The next stop on his party preparation list is the ABC Liquor store to pick up his contribution of beverages for the traditional night with friends.

"Pretty much each of us takes on a little bit of our own responsibility. Somebody gets some of the different kinds of food. Some people bring some of the different beverages," explains Brian Fernandes, as Super Bowl party shopper.

Soon, longtime friend Owen Kohler joins Fernandes at Target to pick up chips, soft drinks and other snack foods to have for the Super Bowl game.

"I watch it every year. I've watched it every single year for the last 20 years. Normally I go to some friend’s house," says Kohler, a Super Bowl party shopper.

"It's a bunch of guys, so there's not a whole lot of planning involved, but it works out in the end. I mean, the game starts and finishes and we watch pretty much most of it," adds Fernandes.

Employees at Target say it's been very busy this Sunday, but they don't know if it's because it's Super Bowl Sunday or just another busy shopping day.

Regardless, Super Bowl shoppers like Fernandes and Owen are chipping in their annual contribution to the game's economic impact on business.

Millions of Americans are expected to watch the Super Bowl Sunday night.