Rose City Unveils New Trash System

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No piles of tree limbs or yard clippings are too big for them, and for Jimmy Smith, Jr. and his crew it's a service they enjoy.

Jimmy says, "I love the people that's here; they really appreciate the way we're working hard for them."

And their work just became more efficient. The city wanted a system that brought regularity to pickup times. Now, using Jackson Street as a divider, crews pick up homes on the east side the first and third weeks of the month and homes on the west side the second and fourth.

Smith adds, "I think it's great. It's working out great."

Nathaniel Tyler, Director of the Thomasville Solid Waste Department, says, "It makes the material not sit out there as long and it won't have those problems that we have with dead spots and that kind of stuff on the right of way and in front of houses, because quite a few of the people take pride in keeping their yards up."

So now when residents clean up those prized yards they can rest assured those piles won't pile up.

To help meet the demands of the new schedule, Thomasville's solid waste director says they'll be hiring a few new employees.