Deputies Searching for Intruder

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Investigators say a man followed a young woman inside her Villa San Marco apartment, sat on her couch and asked for her phone.

After she tossed over the phone and he made a few calls, he grabbed her by the arm and asked for a ride to the adult store, X-Mart.

Out of fear she cooperated and dropped him off at the store. Investigators say she probably did the right thing by cooperating.

DET Timothy Lawrence with the LCSO Violent Crimes Unit says, "As long as there's no physical danger to you, follow the instructions until such time you can get away or you find the opportunity break away from that person."

The woman is okay. DET Lawrence says they are trying to figure out who the man is.

Detectives ask that people be aware of their surroundings and report any suspicious activity. Apparently this same man had knocked on several doors in the apartment complex prior to the intrusion.