Teacher Grant in Gadsden County

More than 30 beginning teachers are educating kids in Gadsden County. School officials there just received grant funding to help those teachers become better instructors.

Jennifer Seaman has been teaching in Gadsden County for two years and welcomes the opportunity to master her skills. The school district received $242,000 in grants to help beginning teachers become successful in their careers.

"It would help to give new teachers, and for myself, more instructions, which will help in the classroom to become more mastery and to help us become betters teachers for the students," Jennifer says.

And to help teachers become better instructors, the grant will provide them with funding for training and classroom supplies, tools they need to help their students excel academically.

District Personnel Director Diana Decker says, "We're hoping this will provide the support the teachers need at the school level and at the district level to feel comfortable with the teaching profession and to want to stay in the profession."

Seaman adds, "We need any resource that we can possibly get because these students learn in lots of different ways. Sometimes they may not learn the same ways as other students. Any initiative they can get to us or any instructional programs they can provide to us, to do that and reach these children."

School officials say their overall goal is to close the gap between how students fare with veteran and new teachers. School officials say their data shows more students do well when they're being taught by veteran teachers than with new instructors.

Administrators are now hoping this grant will help them score high marks for new teachers.