Handy Man Doing More Than Home Repairs

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A handy man is caught doing more than repairs at a client's home. Tallahassee police say he was ripping off the family.

Investigators say a man living on the 2100 block of Dellview Drive found that a golf ball had been thrown through his window. It didn't seem like anything was out of order until the man got a call from his bank.

It turns out handy man Shane Miller stole his bank and credit cards.

OFC John Newland of the Tallahassee Police Department Traffic Unit, "We checked into him; he's an evacuee from Hurricane Katrina, from Louisiana, and he does have an extensive burglary history and we looked into him and he said he did do the burglary."

OFC Newland says they also found Miller had warrants out for his arrest in Louisiana for burglary and cash purge.

Newland says it's another example why you should check references before hiring a handy man.