Tallahassee Police Tally Up Red Light Citations

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Running a red light is costing drivers in Tallahassee big money. Tallahassee police cited hundreds of drivers for running a red light last month, all the fines totaling to nearly $82,000.

Tallahassee police put their focus on red light runners in January. Officers in the traffic unit say it's one of the leading causes of accidents in Tallahassee.

In all, 451 tickets were issued; 266 for running a red light and 275 for violation of a traffic control device.

LT David Folsom with TPD says, "It doesn't end there. We want people to stop running red lights throughout the entire year. We're going to be concentrating on red lights as one of the quality of life issues."

Last year, Tallahassee police wrote more than 1,700 tickets to drivers running a red light.