Thief Sets Fire to Evidence

This all started around 11 o'clock Monday morning in Monticello at a petroleum supply store. The suspect wore a mask during the robbery, so there isn't much of a description, but investigators hope evidence found in Tallahassee will lead them to him.

Monticello police say Monday morning an employee at Revell Oil, an older woman, was getting ready to take a bag full of cash and checks to the bank to make a deposit. She says as soon as she walked outside a man came from beside the building and pointed a silver handgun in her face.

He told her to give him the money which she did. The suspect then ran to a nearby street where police believe he'd hidden a getaway car behind some trees.

Several hours later Leon County deputies responded to a small fire off Tram Road in Tallahassee. There they found a mask and empty bank bag being burned and were able to connect them to the Monticello robbery.

A witness says he saw the suspect speed away in a dark, possibly dark blue car. The suspect is thought to be a black male.

Revell Oil employees believe he may be from the Monticello area simply because he knew when and where to strike. Thankfully the victim was not hurt, but certainly shaken up about the whole incident.