Investigation Into Valdosta Plane Crash Underway

The investigation is underway into the crash of a single engine plan that went down in Valdosta Tuesday evening.

Luckily, the pilot survived, and now it's up to officials to determine what went wrong.

Officials connected to the airport say the pilot was a student pilot and had not earned her license. Now, the officials are turning their attention to finding out what caused this crash.

It's hard to see much of the wrecked Beechcraft sundowner airplane that crashed into the trees next to the Valdosta Airport. Here's a picture of what this kind of plane normally looks like. Eyewitnesses told airport officials exactly what

Happened when pilot Elaine McMillan tried to land.

The pilot survived and had to be treated at the local hospital. She declined our request for an interview, and Airport Manager Bob Ator says we'll have to wait for the investigation to be completed before any answers will be available.

The plane missed the airport's commercial terminal by only a few hundred yards, and officials say the pilot was lucky to crash where she did.

And there is no timetable yet on when that investigation should be completed.

It's too early to tell, but flight instructors say the winds were calm, and the skies were clear so they doubt this crash was weather related.