St. George Island Power Problems

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The hum of generators is music to the ears of 2,000 residents on Saint George Island. It means hot showers and warm winter nights.

Residents say after last week's funnel cloud knocked down power lines, they were in the dark for two days.

Butch Baker, Franklin County Emergency Management Director, says, "The part that I was really concerned about were those who were oxygen dependent or electricity dependent because they had to be moved off the island into a hotel or motel, something like that."

Progress Energy has put five generators on the island, two on the west side, another two straight down the middle, and one on the east side by the state park. Progress Energy is asking residents on the island to conserve, conserve, conserve so they don't put a strain on those generators which are just barely making it right now. They don't want another shutdown.

“That's what they get each time a resident kicks up their power, it sends the whole system in shock. It's not just inconvenient, it's costing money.”

A grocery store manager says she's tired of fighting with power outages. She got a generator.

Sunny Stultz, managing The Marketplace, says, "We lost a little bit of product, but we were prepared this time, so we have a couple generators we hooked up to our back coolers so we kind of moved everything back there."

Intermittent power may continue all week. Progress Energy says if good weather holds out, they'll have the seven new concrete power poles in place by Friday.

Electric companies say the fastest way to bring power back up is to turn off your main power drains at home and wait for the lights to come on.