Inmates Headed Back to Fulton County Jail

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It's been an open door policy, helping overcrowded jails to the north, but now those jails want their inmates back.

MAJ Linn Harrell, a Decatur County Jail administrator, says, “The order was to allow inmates awaiting trial to have easier access to the courts in their returns."

But with the departure of these inmates will come more transfers, inmates that have already been sentenced, and jailers say more inmates is an added bonus for the jail.

SGT Pat Bryant of the Decatur County Jail says, "It gives us a little more manpower. The overtime is also a big help. It gives us a new challenge to face."

The jail administrator says they hold around 100 of their own inmates and 80 from Fulton County. Harrell says helping ease overcrowding brings $700,000 to the Decatur County Jail.

Harrell says, "As long as they want to send us or are able to send folks, we're gonna house them."

Harrell says the county jail is more than willing to help their neighbors to the north, and says if that door closes they will welcome inmates from other overcrowded counties with open arms

The Pelham police chief says their jail is also returning inmates and receiving new sentenced inmates from Fulton County.

The Pelham Jail is also transporting the inmates back to Atlanta.