Students See Real Life DUI Dangers

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Five months ago a Tallahassee teenager was killed in a drinking and driving crash.

Tuesday, two of his dear friends sit in Lincoln High School's auditorium as paramedics share stories and images of these real life tragedies.

"It's really hard because I wasn't there when the crash happened. I don't know what it looked like. It just puts pictures in my mind of what might've happened when Abel went through that crash," said Kathrynn Ward, who says she lost her best friend that fateful September day.

Although the demonstration stirs up the horrific memories, students like Justin Mathis say all teens need to understand the harsh reality.

"I just wish that all these kids in here my age can actually take something away from this program to think about it before they do it."

The two paramedics are taking their important message on the road, sharing images they see all the time on the job.

"We're trying to stop these senseless things. We see entirely too much on the road and the best thing is to stop it before it happens," said Scott Neusch, who worked as a paramedic in Orlando.

Tri-Eagle Sales is sponsoring the event to make sure teens see firsthand what can happen.

"Teenagers see it on video games and in the movies and it's fake and it's pretend. This is real and this is what they see every single day, so I think it is necessary," said Kristen Black.