Black HIV/AIDS Awareness

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Although blacks only make up 14 percent of Florida's adult population, they accounted for nearly half of AIDS cases in 2004.

Startling numbers such as this speak to the need for national Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day.

At FAMU, the set was lined with informational tables hoping to grab the attention of Rattlers. Students say it’s up to this generation to curb the trend.

FAMU senior Stankeisha Burshell says, "That's why I couldn't let it go. The first time I heard about it I wanted to get everyone involved. I was passing out pins, putting up posters around the community and on campus. I couldn't let it go because, as you said, it affects my age group."

More awareness events will continue throughout this week, including campus-wide testing February 8. For more information on HIV/AIDS in the black community, call the Leon County Health Department at (850) 414-7845.