Firearms in Your Car While You're at Work? It Could Happen

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Signs banning guns in the office parking lots are common. The National Rifle Association says they are illegal. The NRA is pushing a bill that would penalize employers who ban otherwise legal guns.

Marion Hammer says, "You want to send the message to rapists and robbers and muggers that they can attack you in parking lots and not worry about getting shot?"

One of the voices of big business, the Florida Chamber, is equally adamant about keeping guns out of the parking lot.

Susan Story, CEO and President of Gulf Power, says, "Employers, we are extremely concerned about the safety of every one of our employees. That is one of the factors."

What the NRA wants it usually gets from state lawmakers, but never before have they been up against a powerful interest like Florida business.

The Chamber admits is loses on a second amendment fight.

Mark Wilson, Florida Chamber Vice President, says, "If this becomes a policy debate between the assault on employer/employee relationships, then I think more and more voters and more and more legislators are going to see this is bad policy for Florida."

But the NRA says their rank and file versus corporate execs wins every time.

Marion Hammer says, "Their 10,000 employees are with us."

An estimated six million people own guns in Florida, and the NRA says more than half of them lawfully keep a gun in their vehicle, sign or no sign.