Rush Sentenced to Life in Prison

A Tallahassee man accused of raping and killing his girlfriend will spend the rest of his life in prison for it. Allan Rush told the judge it was an accident and that he was sorry, but the judge called the death of Sarah Fields "horrifying" and handed down the maximum sentence.

Allan Rush said, "I am sorry for what's happened. If I could change time, I would. I would do anything to make things different and to make things right."

Allan Rush, already found guilty of rape and second degree murder in the death of his girlfriend, was trying to avoid a life sentence.

Allan said, "My actions were not to hurt or to harm, I didn't realize there was a problem, I did not realize she needed medical assistance."

Rush's girlfriend Sarah Fields died in his bed back in March of 2004. Autopsy results showed she was so forcefully raped and sodomized that night that she bled to death.

Terri Deluca, Sarah's best friend, said, "He did this because he's a monster. He did this on purpose. He had a chance to help her and he let her die. He let her bleed to death."

Summer Fields, Sarah's sister, said, "I ask you, Judge Dekker, when you're deciding his sentence, please remember Sarah doesn't have a chance to ever rebuild her life again."

Allan Rush's friends and co-workers described a kind and giving man.

"I couldn't conceive of him doing anything like this."

But prosecutors said the evidence demanded the maximum sentence allowed by law and Judge Dekker agreed, ordering two life sentences.

Christina Fields, Sarah's sister, said, "I was so happy, it was everything and more we could want. He took my sister's life and at least we can take his freedom, you know."

Allan Rush's attorney said he does plan to appeal the life sentences. That appeal has to be filed in the next 30 days.