Phone Scams

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Phone scams are on the rise in Thomas County. Even the sheriff became a target.

Sheriff Carlton Powell says, "It was an unknown name and unknown number, and when I answered it they started their pitch and they were asking him to contribute to a law enforcement benefit."

Sheriff Powell says the call was cut short as soon as he identified himself.

"It was almost an immediate hang up."

Powell says the scammers are using law enforcement organizations to get unsuspecting citizens to donate money.

CAPT Troy Rich of the Thomasville Police Department says, "Dealing with people on the phone be very skeptical, and get a call back number and you start asking questions."

Because of scams like these, the Sheriff's Office and the Thomasville Police Department say they do not ask for contributions over the phone.

Rebecca Moore, a family and consumer science educator, says, "What's really sad is that they really target and focus on seniors. They're at home during the day and most of them have better savings than most consumers."

Authorities say when in doubt always double check. Once you make that contribution the money could end up in a scammer's pocket instead of helping out an organization.

For a list of Georgia registered charities, call the Georgia Secretary of State at 404-656-4910.