Few Leads in Woman's Disappearance

There is still no sign of a pregnant woman who Tallahassee police say has disappeared without a trace. Ali Gilmore has not been seen or heard from in six days and investigators say even after extensive interviews and a search of her home they have no leads.

The porch light is still on at Ali Gilmore's southside home, but the young woman now four months pregnant hasn't been seen or heard from since last Thursday.

Cecilee Poppell, a neighbor, says, "We're just sorry she's missing and we hope and pray she'll be returned to her house safely."

Scot Poppell, another neighbor, adds, "We're just praying for the best and hoping everything can go well. She was so excited about her new pregnancy."

Gilmore's family met with investigators at Tallahassee police headquarters Wednesday morning. A Tallahassee police spokesman says an extensive search of Gilmore's home yielded no signs of struggle or foul play and the few calls they received after we aired her picture on the evening news didn't help much either.

OFC John Newland, Tallahassee police spokesman, says, "Just no major leads that we have right now, so we're still looking for those big leads that we can get from any citizen who may have had contact with her maybe Thursday or even over the weekend."

Gilmore failed to show up at work Friday or Monday and was actually reported missing by her boss at the Florida Department of Health.

Fernando Senra, spokesman for the Florida Department of Health, says, "She's very responsible, so it was very unlike her not to show up on Friday and Monday without notifying her supervisor."

Neighbors say she lived alone after separating from her husband recently and missed a marriage counseling session the day she disappeared. Gilmore originally hails from Riviera Beach. Tallahassee police are calling the disappearance suspicious, but right now have no clues as to what happened to her.