Behind the Scenes at the Florida Lottery


The Florida lottery is a booming business for the Sunshine State, as well as an economic boost for retailers.

WCTV takes you behind the gaming lines to see what it takes to get the lottery ready for show time.

Maxwell's Grocery store in Leon County is one of the top sellers of lotto tickets in town. So is the Buck Saver in Tallahassee.

"It brings business into the store and helps education, lot of lotto mostly scratch off."

Besides boosting business these retail outlets get nearly six cents of every dollar, plus a $10,000 bonus for selling a winning jackpot ticket.

Hat makes the lottery a winning game all around. But when it comes to the security surrounding the drawings, it's no game.

"For one minute of broadcast there's actually about a two hour process that proceeds each draw."

Just like a Quick Pick ticket, the machines used for each drawing are selected randomly, as well as what ballset to use, but the buck doesn't stop there.

"The ball sets actually weighed and certified. They are taken over to FDLE Crime Lab and certified. It's very involved process."

It’s a process that makes millionaires out of ordinary people. Over the years the Florida lottery has made millions of dreams come true, but if you work for the lottery you'll never see your picture on this wall.

It's a crime and punishable by law for lotto employees to participate in any Florida lotto games.

Sam Oliver says, there's a trade off to not being able to play, "I can say since my time here I probably know more millionaire's than the average person."

Plus, Tallahassee isn't far from the Georgia state line and Florida lottery employees can try their luck in the Peach State's lottery.

In Georgia, each lotto machine and ballset used go through a series of pre and post drawing test to certify the integrity of the process.

Plus the entire process is videotaped.