FSU Helping to Develop Bio-terrorism Response Plan

Hazardous Materials

Florida State University is helping the sunshine state prepare for a bio-terrorist attack. The College of Medicine is working on a curriculum that would teach Florida nursing and medical students how to respond to a crisis.

Don't think bio-terrorism is just a sign of the times. Evidence can be found dating back to 500 B.C.

FSU Med School's Dr. Robert Brooks is heading up a bio-terrorism curriculum project funded by the Department of Defense. It will serve as an educational tool for medical and nursing students across Florida.

Director of Health Affairs Art Clawson says Florida is a leader in disaster preparedness.

But admits the state needs to build and expand on the current system.

And the med school will eventually focus on the current half million health professionals in Florida.

Brooke says they plan to write the curriculum over the summer, and present the voluntary program to medical and nursing schools across the state.

The project will be one of several programs within the med school's center on terrorism and public health.