Lowndes County Priorities

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The start of a new year brings lots of work for county leaders.

County manager Joe Pritchard says, "Each year county commissioners set aside three days which they gather to work with the staff and plan."

At this retreat, commissioners will discuss the citizens' concerns and ideas, but before they can do that they need to hear from you.

County Commissioner Edgar Roberts says, "When I ran, I was going to represent my constituents, so I want them to tell me what they wanna do in the coming year."

Pritchard says, "In order to incorporate those ideas, it's important that we get feedback now so that we'll be able to include in our plans as well as our budget preparation."

Some of the items the county already plans to focus on are the completion of the jail expansion, getting the new judicial complex project underway, and a big topic will be fixing the roads around the county.

County commissioners want to remind the citizens of Lowndes County that they're working for them.

Roberts says, "I'm their voice piece and I want them to feel free to contact me."

If you have any suggestions or concerns, the county stresses the importance of voicing them in the next week or so.