Elderly Needs

Gadsden County health officials held a symposium to help residents learn about Medicare Part D, and other drug programs.

Jeanette Hinson has been diagnosed with diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol. She takes several medications for her ailments.

Jeanette says, "I go to the doctor a lot and I get help for hypertension, high blood pressure and all the problems I have, but I can't afford to buy the medicine.

Hinson is one of the more than 250 residents who attended a health council meeting in Gadsden County to learn more about Medicare Part D and how to get prescription assistance.

Tymeisha Baker says, "We found that 50 percent of the residents are qualified for extra help benefits to pay for their premium and out of pocket expenses and annual benefit for their drug costs."

And to alleviate those out of pocket expenses, the county has a program that works in addition to Medicare Part D to help residents pay for prescription drugs.

They've also enlisted the help of the Social Security Administration to do the same.

Rashad Mujahid from the Social Security Administration says, "We sign individuals up whose income or resources are at a certain level. We can sign them up to receive help from Social Security to pay for premiums and the deductibles. "

The day-long program also included insurance companies who were on hand to help patients learn more about their agencies.

The Community Health Council will be sponsoring another symposium in May, but in the meantime, Gadsden County residents can call the "Prescription Assistance Program” for help. That number is 850-875-2143.