Grady County Looking Into Zoning Plan

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Signs of growth are popping up all over Grady County, and that's just one reason attorney Kevin Chason started dabbling in development.

Kevin Chason says, "This is a growing county, particularly with the Florida influence, getting people coming up from the hurricane area, plus getting people coming up from Tallahassee."

But the rules for developers may soon be changing. Grady County commissioners voted three to two this week to have the Regional Development Center in Camilla draft the county's first zoning plan.

Chason says, "I think the process is going to be difficult to come up with a good comprehensive plan, but I think it's been needed for sometime."

Grady County Commissioner Bobbie Burns says, "We need to control this growth and where it's located."

Commissioner Burns made the original motion to make the zoning plan.

Burns adds, "If there's any changes, we'll take a look at that. If it's agreed upon at a later date to implement the zoning, if it's for or against, but at the people know where we stand at the county."

While there are no guarantees the county will adopt the zoning plan, many in Grady County say it's a good start. Commissioners passed the zoning decision by a three to two vote.