A Move for the Leon County Commission?

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Chairman Bill Proctor questions the ambiance of the courthouse. He says he's heard complaints from some people that there's an uncomfortable atmosphere there because in order to get to the commission chambers, one must first walk through the halls of criminal justice.

Leon County Chairman Bill Proctor's problem with the Leon County courthouse begins even before you get to the door.

"Parking is difficult, you have to pay a fee to park."

What happens next, Proctor says is unfair. He doesn't think someone has to go through a check point to visit a commissioner or attend a meeting. And he doesn't think someone should have to walk through the halls of criminal justice to get there. Says a courthouse is not a place where local government should be mixed in.

Proctor points out that all of the other county offices have moved out to a county owned building across the street and now is the time for the commission to follow. He has the support for the move, but not all of his commissioners agree with the timing.

A court administrator came along with us on the walk through. He was there to point out the need for space. That's the reason the other county offices moved out, to make room for additional courtrooms.

The move proposal will come up for discussion in an upcoming county meeting.