Boot Camp Death Caught on Tape

The family of a teenager who died in a Florida boot camp is demanding to see a video tape of the incident.

Fourteen-year-old Martin Lee Anderson died while in custody at the Bay County boot camp last month, and one of the few people to see the beating on tape calls it "horrifying."

Rep. Gus Barriero, (R) Miami, says, "I saw when he couldn't even stand up pretty much on his own. He was really just kind of… They had to hold him up and when they put him back down, just constant punching on him; it was disgusting."

Representative Gus Barriero, head of the Juvenile Justice Appropriations Committee, is one of just two lawmakers to see the videotape taken at the Bay County boot camp the day 14-year-old Martin Lee Anderson died.

"It's something like when you see something terrible and you want to go through the TV in order to put a stop to it. That was really my first emotion is; how can I stop this?"

Martin Lee Anderson’s parents are now demanding the tape be made public. They haven't even seen it yet.

"Just the horror of not being able to see for yourself; this was her baby. If you were the parent of Martin Lee Anderson, wouldn't you want to see what happened to your baby?"

The 14-year-old was sent to the boot camp after he and his cousins stole and crashed their grandmother's car. He'd only been at the boot camp for a few hours before he was brought out on a stretcher.

"We've been demanding since the beginning that they release the videotape because we want to see the truth of what happened, no matter what it is. I think the family deserves to see the truth."

The Miami Herald has filed suit demanding the tape be released. FDLE spokesman Tom Berlinger says by law they can show the tape to lawmakers who oversee their work without making it public.