Community Involved in FAMU Presidential Search

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The community is coming together to help decide the next FAMU president.

Faculty, staff and community leaders were holding a public forum at the Ford Community Center. Community members shared their input on who should step in as the next top Rattler.

The input will now be shared with the presidential search committee.

"From there we'll be able to utilize those priority and input to gage where we need to go in selecting candidates for the presidential search process," said student body president Ramon Alexander.

Edward Rolliver, decked out in orange and green, said the FAMU president should be someone who can hold the community together.

"I believe we can find the right person that will run this institution from the heart because Florida A&M was generally founded on the heart, so we need a person that understands our students, our faculty and the community at large."

Interim president Castell Bryant has already said she does not want the permanent position.