Abandoned Items Reach Final Destination

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Although airport security is tight, passengers at Tallahassee Regional Airport are still trying to board with prohibited items.

Paul Anderko travels for business all the time and says he's been stopped for pens, scissors even award plaques.

"There's no ifs, and or buts, they just take it away and when you come back you usually pick them up, so I don't know where they go to. They just disappear."

Rebekah Sims says she's never had to abandon her items, but if she did she'd have no idea where they'd go.

"I'm curious as to what they do with it once they do take it, but I don't know."

Every three months TSA officials at the Tallahassee Airport hand over more than 100 pounds of items to the Alabama surplus property office, first going on sale to agencies like school boards and fire departments. The leftovers are tagged and sold to the general public. That means either a public auction or ebay.

"So they're confiscating it and then selling other personal items to somebody else on ebay?" said Sims, shaking her head.

Traveler Adam Henke says he's also shocked the items are being sold.

"Taking that stuff and putting it on ebay to sell it. Oh my God, get ready to live."

Live and learn. The next time you travel, you may want to leave those items at home. If not, they could end up in someone else's kitchen drawer.