Deputies Shoot and Kill Local Man

A family cries out over the death of a loved one.

Twenty-one-year-old Gerad Pritchett was shot and killed by deputies around 4:00 Thursday. His brother was so distraught he busted through the police tape and ran in the house.

His mother is also upset and angry.

Dorothy Hamilton, the victim's mother, said, "I feel mad as hell about this. I want to really know what happened. Nobody's saying anything to me about it and I want to know."

Authorities say deputies came to 159 Southwest Oberland Street in Greenville to serve Pritchett an outstanding arrest warrant. The sheriff says Prichett refused to come out, so deputies went in.

Peter C. Bucher, Madison County Sheriff, said, "According to the officers, Mr. Prichett was hiding in the shower area. He threw back the shower curtain and was holding a rifle. There was also a five-year-old child in the shower area with him. They told Mr. Prichett to put the rifle down and give up."

That's when two deputies fired their weapons. Prichett was pronounced dead on scene.

Carrie Mae Hamilton, the victim's grandmother, said, "They meant to kill him. That's what they came to do. They didn't come to do anything else. They came to kill him."

It seems as though the entire community was outside surrounding the home where Prichett was shot. Friends and loved ones said the situation seems unbelievable.

Jessie James Terry, Jr., a family friend, said, "I don't think he had a gun. I don't think he owns a gun. For violating probation, why would they come and kill somebody? I think it's dirty."

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is handling the ongoing investigation. The names of the two deputies involved have not been released.

The five-year-old is Pritchett's nephew, his brother's son. He was not injured. Pritchett was alone with the child at his brother's home during the time of the attempted arrest and shooting.