Bright From the Start

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At Hand-in-Hand School learning starts as soon as a child can walk, and teachers say the earlier the better.

Diana Searcy, a teacher, says, “We do counting. We teach the letter of the week. We do different activities with the letter of the week. We've been teaching them some Spanish."

They are skills these toddlers learn before they become kindergartners.

Jeanna Mayhaw, Assistant Principal at Hand-in-Hand School, says, "We really want to build on the language and vocabulary so that they're ready to begin reading when they start school. That's just a critical component for young children."

And Georgia agrees; the state is unveiling new standards for learning and developing. State officials say these early learning standards will help educators and parents teach children the skills and behaviors from an early age.

Diana Searcy says, "He will be prepared. He will learn academically, work with other children, social, and it will be easy for the parents, they feel comfortable. That's why we work not only with the children, but we work with the parents, getting the parents involved in their child's education."

It’s an education that starts with simple lessons that educators say will carry these kids from their ABC's to their SAT's.

Georgia early learning standards are being distributed to licensed early care and learning centers.