Shooting Incident in Madison County

Deputies were executing a probation violation warrant on Gerard Prichett when the deadly confrontation erupted. The family is now searching for answers.

Dorothy Collier says there are more questions than answers in the fatal shooting death of her 21-year-old son. Thursday afternoon, Madison County deputies were serving an arrest warrant on Gerard Pritchett for aggravated battery on a pregnant woman and aggravated battery with a weapon.

Sheriff Pete Bucher says, "The officers secured the area and made their presence known so they could effectively arrest the individual without incident. They did everything they could to get him to come out, and he knew they were outside the residence."

The two veteran deputies involved in the shooting are LT Mark Joost and DEP Allen Whigham. This is the second time DEP Whigham was involved in fatal shooting.

In July 1998, DEP Whigham fired the shot that killed Stevie Vickers at the scene of a domestic dispute.

DEP Whigham was cleared in that incident. Now, Gerard Pritchett’s family questions if this shooting was justified.

Dorothy Collier, Gerard Pritchett's mom, says, "They tell me one different story. They told me he had the baby for a shield and had a gun pointing at them and I don't understand how they do that and got shot in the back. One police officer says he was shot five times."

Collier says she has yet to see her son's body. LT Mark Joost and DEP Allen Whigham are on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of an FDLE investigation.