Head of Florida's Prison System Dismissed From Job

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Jimmy Crosby’s picture was still hanging in the entranceway to the Corrections Department office at mid afternoon. The building’s visitor log showed three agents entered the building to see Crosby at 10:30 Friday morning.

The agents have been upstairs almost four hours. A statement from Gov. Jeb Bush said only that he asked for and received Crosby’s resignation. His office cited an ongoing criminal investigation for not commenting.

Bush says he was saddened and disappointed at having to take the action. In October, FDLE served six search warrants, seizing three cars and several homemade trailers.

The searches were based on information from a former inmate. The department has also been hit by charges of illegal steroid use by guards and for padding the payroll with ringers for a softball tournament.

Even after the warrants were served, the governor continued to support Crosby.

"I'm proud of the work that’s done and I’m sad that the reports of cases where that’s not the case has overshadowed the work that they do."

A car was present in the secretary’s driveway, but a knock on the door went unanswered. Crosby spent most of his life working for the Department of Corrections. He joined in 1975, two years after graduating from college, and was appointed as secretary in January of 2003.

Gov. Bush has appointed his drug czar, retired Army COL James McDonough, as interim boss of the prison system.