FSU Considers African-American Studies Major

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David Rasmussen, Dean of Social Sciences at Florida State University, says an African-American studies major could be in place as early as this fall.

"The director of our minor in African-American studies was interested for long time. Last year there was strong student interest to develop a major" says Rasmussen.

Students on campus believe adding such a major would be a great move, helping to further promote racial harmony on campus.

"They have a women's studies major and they have every other major at this school. Why not have an African-American studies major?" asks FSU student Robert Wharton.

"I'm kind of tired seeing Black History Month. I'd rather see something year around. I think that's a step forward for a lot of African-Americans," says FSU student Roy Bivins.

FSU provost Larry Abele has put together a committee of faculty to develop the major, and a proposal is currently being reviewed by FSU's policy and academic affairs committee.

"I studied in Europe for a while. There, I realized how secluded we were as a society. It's important to have classes where people can learn who they are and where they come from," says FSU student Diana Librizzi.

The final decision to add the major rests in the hands of university administration and the board of trustees.

Several universities in Florida currently have such a major, including the University of Miami and Florida International University. Nearby Florida A&M University only offers a minor in African-American studies.