Gas Detection Device Now in the Hands of Tallahassee Firefighters

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There's a new tool for local firefighters to detect a chemical hazard. The same device is in the hands of HAZMAT teams across the state of Florida.

Homeland security dollars are paying for the multi-threat detection device. It picks up dangerous levels of chemicals, radiation and combustible gas.

It's not just for homeland security. Firefighters will be able to use the machines during fires or chemical leaks to determine how dangerous a scene may be and whether to evacuate.

Jim Cox, a detection device trainer, says, "This is on everybody's mind, this is equipment that makes it easy for them to detect what we're warned about these days, it's unfortunate that we have to use the equipment, but we have to use the equipment."

Firefighters say they'll also be using the gas detectors at football games and any time large crowds get together.