X-Ray Machine for Courthouse Security

It’s an extra step towards security for one county courthouse.

Soon not only do you have to take that quick stroll through the metal detector when you walk into the Suwannee County courthouse, your belongings have to go for a short ride as well through a new x-ray machine currently being installed.

Barbara Pellow, a Suwannee County resident, says, "If I was working there I'd certainly want it for the safety. It's sad to say we have to go that way, but in today's world you do have to."

Lee Peters is the assistant public defender and says safety is always a concern for attorneys and judges.

Lee I. Peters, Jr., assistant public defender for Suwannee County, says, "We've had at least two or three incidents in the past couple of years here at the Suwannee County Courthouse where if we didn't have that device in place, weapons would've been taken into the courtroom."

Courthouse security says the new x-ray machine isn't just for those who work in the courtroom, but it's to protect the public as well.

DEP David Taylor of the Suwannee County Sheriff's Office says, "It'll disarm the public at the door of all weapons and that way anything hopefully will not get in here that the public don't need in here or for the court to run properly."

The x-ray machine will be able to detect firearms, knives, metal or ceramic instruments, and blunt objects.