Bristol Man Killed in Fiery Crash

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The sheriff of Liberty County mourning one of his own family members killed in a fiery crash in Gadsden County.

Troopers say 43-year-old Mark Shuler ran off the road and slammed into a tree sending his pickup truck up in flames.

Witnesses say they tried to pull him to safety but had to back off because the flames were so intense. One truck driver who saw the whole thing says no matter how many crashes she sees, she still gets very shaken up thinking about the victim's families.

"You have nightmares about it. Us staying out on the roads we see a lot of things. A lot of us try to stick together. Still it’s hard to deal with. It stays with you a long time," said Deborah Russell.

Afterwards several people slowed down to look at the mangled mess. Troopers say that caused at least one other accident in the road.