Celtic Festival

Rain or shine, the games, not necessarily the show, must go on. The eighth annual Tallahassee Scottish Highland Games took place Saturday afternoon despite the rain.

Athletes compete in traditional games like the caber toss, the sheaf toss, and the hammer throw.

Kilts are worn to represent an athletes' family, and by the looks of it no one is getting picked on.

Mike Bearden, the athletic director for the Tallahassee Scottish Highland Games, says, "You watch the athletes on the field, that usually wraps up any questions of making fun. When they see the big athletes wearing a kilt they're not making a comment about that, you know, but it's all fun."

Hurricanes caused organizers to reschedule the event in the first place. Due to bad weather Saturday morning, the Celtic Festival must be rescheduled once again.

The president of the festival says they hope to reschedule for early fall. If you purchased tickets ahead of time they will still be valid.