Community Conversation

Tallahassee Community College is working with the Gadsden County community to discuss ways to enhance education.

Some 80 community members, parents and students braved Saturday's rain to discuss the future of education in Gadsden County.

Participants broke up into smaller groups to have more in depth discussions. Topics ranged from preparing students for the job market to ways of creating a love for learning.

Chris Hansen with the TCC Quincy House says, "Through TCC 'Achieving the Dream' initiative, we were put in touch with organization called 'Public Agenda'. Public Agenda is a nationally recognized organization that's worked in hundreds of communities throughout the country to promote public engagement."

Audrey Lewis-Potter, a parent service coordinator in Gadsden, says, "We are very positive. There are different levels of parent involvement. Parents are finding they can do different things at different levels to help our students achieve so we're very positive and optimistic that this year is our year."

The main goal of this community conversation is to create a place for residents to come together and discuss a specific topic.