10th Annual Father-Daughter Dance

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Valdosta's conference center turned into a magical place for a very special evening.

Friday marked the 10th annual Father-Daughter Valentine's Dance, a night that many look forward to each and every year.

J.D. Yeager says, "It's the one opportunity a year that fathers and their daughters get to spend the night together, no mothers, just enjoy themselves, and I think it's awesome."

Jeff Stewart says, "It's an event that dads can set the example for their daughters on how a man should treat a lady on a date, and dads can set a high bar."

Fathers and daughters come from all over to spend the night together. Three thousand tickets were available to this event and they sold out with in eight hours.

Stewart says, "There is no age limit because any girl or daughter is daddy's little girl, always."

Yeager says, "In today's times, with parents working so much and not spending time with their kids, opportunities like this are few and far between and we need to take advantage of it."

This annual event has become so popular that everyone's talking about it.