Woman Rescued From Burning Home

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Donna Williams says turning on her stove is one of the last things she remembers doing.

"I went into the room because I wasn't feeling so well, so I took some medicine, and I laid in bed, and I went to sleep."

And that's when something went terribly wrong. Officer Ransdell and partner Waylon Parker were the first two on the scene. Neighbors confirmed what they had feared, someone was inside.

"When officers first arrived on the scene, they tried to get in through the front door; when that didn't work they came to this window, pulled out the air conditioner, and pulled Williams to safety."

Life savers, heroes, these officers say those titles aren't necessary. And while they remain humble, Williams is offering thanks for saving her life and being her heroes.

Williams was treated and released at Archbold Hospital. Officers Ransdell and Parker were treated at the scene for smoke inhalation before returning to duty that same day.