Schools Urged to Use Environmentally Friendly Fuels

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The Thomas County school bus fleet has more than 60 buses that use nearly 3,000 gallons of diesel a week. But the way these buses are fueled will soon change.

"The common thing in transportation for schools is biodiesel. I think in 2007 we're gonna have to use a certain amount and by 2010 we'll completely use biodiesel fuel."

Although distributors say biodiesel is more expensive, it's also better for the environment, and they say it will help farmers.

"Biodiesel is a hybrid diesel fuel that hopefully will make us all less dependent on foreign crude oil. It's made from things we can grow here in the U.S."

The school system says there are no current distributors of biodiesel in South Georgia, but that will change.

A requirement Georgia will take to help the environment and its farmers by using friendly fuels to fill up thousands of gas tanks. The biodiesel bill now awaits the signature of Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue.