Stone Creek Break-Ins

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In a quiet place like Stone Creek, things out of the ordinary don't go unnoticed.

Just after 1 a.m. Monday morning, Dixon Taylor woke up to his son saying that there was someone in the garage. Dixon went downstairs and found someone wearing a ski mask rummaging through his wife's car.

Taylor says, "I chased him about 200 yards down the street and tackled him; when I got up, he hit me with a flashlight or something, then kept running and got away."

But he didn't get too far. Later that morning Lowndes County deputies arrested 21-year-old James Neal and 19-year-old James Griffin. The two men face charges ranging from drug possession to attempted burglary.

So far, investigators have no evidence linking the suspects to any other reported break-ins.

Lowndes County investigators say Stone Creek residents are doing their part to help. Deputies say no call is a bad call, and they never mind coming out and just looking around.