Arsons Span Two Counties

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Right now this building is a charred shell of what it used to be, but on the night of the fire, flames burst through the sides and explosions rocked the grounds while firefighters battled the blaze.

It's just one of possibly five fires in Wakulla County in the past two years that have investigators looking for leads, and for answers Wakulla County investigators turned their eyes towards Tallahassee. In this area there have been around 10 arsons that look vaguely similar and investigators say some of these arsons date back six years ago. They've been looking for a suspect for a long time.

So the agencies are joining forces, working together to stamp out the flames before they get out of control.

LT Joe Steadman of the State Fire Marshal's Office says, "Currently there is a cooperation of the State Fire Marshal's Office, the Wakulla County Sheriff's Office, and Tallahassee Fire Department Bureau of Investigations. We're looking at some fires that have occurred in the two counties to examine and see if there are any similarities."

CAPT Jim Griner of the Wakulla County Sheriff's Office says, "We're trying to share some information with other agencies that might have the same similarities to what we have in Wakulla."

The building is a loss of $150,000, but there's no telling how much it could have cost in lives lost.

Whether it's the owner, the insurance company, or the next door neighbor, who now has to stare at a burned out building? Someone has to pay.

Investigators hope to stop the arsons before someone pays with their life. If you have information call 1-800-NO-ARSON or 850-926-0848.